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5 Reasons CBD is so awesome

By: :Marco Landin 0 comments
5 Reasons CBD is so awesome

1. Stress Destroyer

Everyone in the world gets stressed, and since humans have been humans we've turned to the plant world to help us reduce the stress.

Even so, some people choose to hold on their stress, which in turn helps create more stress in a downward cycle.

Any type of CBD product can be relied on to help reduce and eliminate stress. CBD vape pens and gummies are popular because they’re portable and discreet. But when it is smoked, your body can absorb it with greater efficiency and faster. 

2. Helps Get Rid Of Anxiety

You remember that stress people hold on to?  That's where anxiety comes from.  It results from extended periods of stress, which creates too much cortisol in your system, and it's pretty sad how many people are living in that state constantly. Especially nowadays, in the middle of very stressful historical chapters like the Covid-19 pandemic and it's resultant economic crisis.  Ew, I got stressed just from mentioning that. 

Stress and anxiety are not the same thing, but they are related and almost always come as a package deal. However, when you understand the symptoms, you can begin to work toward a solution. 

CBD is all about that, especially if you suffer generalized anxiety and it affects you regularly. Most doctors prescribe antidepressants, but a lot of people find it very hard to function efficiently throughout their day with the messy effects of antidepressants. 

So CBD smokes work quite well in those cases, because they present a low concentration but a better absorption rate.  You can measure your intake quite easily, and help generate a calmness that stays with you throughout your day. 

3. Helps You Get Restful Sleep

Our Circadian rhythms are delicate things, and the body can easily be bumped off a healthy sleep habit. Especially if you fall into some very common traps of modern life, like too much evening screentime, an unhealthy diet, or carrying the stress of the day into bed with you. 

Not being able to sleep, especially if you have to be up & sharp in the morning, can really suck. You can help your body get back to a proper sleep pattern by having a little CBD half an hour before bedtime. Capsules or a smoke are particularly effective before bed.

4. A Social Tension Reducer 

Not all of us have the charisma and charm it takes to walk into a social gathering like a Hollywood star.  Many people really struggle with the basics of group behavior, and can get quite stressed by it all. 

For those who suffer from a lot of social anxiety, an herbal CBD smoke can be quite helpful.  Not only does it calm the social nerves, it can smell quite nice and unique, and may draw people into a conversation about what you're smoking.  And if you've ever seen movies from the 50s, nothing breaks the ice like offering someone a smoke.

5. Concentration and Focus

You might think it's strange to list this as a benefit of an extract of.... *that* plant.  :-) . 

However, even though a larger serving of CBD does indeed generate a calming, sedative response, a smaller amount can help one remain task-oriented and focused.  The line between the two effects is a little blurry though, so your mileage may vary.

How to Find the Best CBD Products

You can find CBD almost anywhere these days, but the market is saturated with novice enterprises and even some companies just out to make a buck. Do a little research, and purchase only from companies offering organically grown hemp, who are transparent about third-party lab results, and who have generated positive reviews from previous consumers. You won't find any company more than a couple of years old (as of this writing), because the legalization is so new.  But a disclosure of the lab results, a commitment to organic ingredients, and a happy and returning community of customers are all good signs you've found the right source for you.

If you decide to try CBD Smokes, make sure you peruse their certificate of analysis, so you can rest assured they're hemp-based, full-spectrum, and less than 0.3% THC. This particular percentage ratio in hemp-derived products make them legal in most states, thanks to The Farm Bill of 2018


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